Deramaxx (Deracoxib)

DERAMAXX is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is proven safe and effective in controlling the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis in dogs. Deramaxx for dogs works for a full 24 hours to insure your pet is pain free. Deramaxx pet meds are used for all weight classes, and are available in 25 and 100mg chewable beef flavored tablets, which are scored for your convenience. The usual dose of deracoxib in dogs for the treatment of postoperative orthopedic pain and inflammation is 1.4-1.8mg/pound as a single daily dose.

  • Deramaxx can improve the quality of life for you and your dog

  • Deramaxx effectively controls pain and inflammation
    Pain-free dogs may be more active and less likely to become overweight

  • Deramaxx controls the pain of Osteoarthritis associated with walking, climbing, standing, and sitting.

  • Deramaxx makes your pet more comfortable, ensuring more refreshing rest and sleep.

Do not use Deramaxx if your dog is breeding, pregnant or lactating. Deramaxx for dogs should not be used during or with any type of inflammatory medication. Not sure if your dog has arthritis? Read about 9 signs that your dog may have arthritis.

Deramaxx Helps Control Arthritis Pain In Dogs

Dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis, the same type of arthritis that humans can also suffer from, often do so silently. Deramaxx is a medication made by Novartis that has been designed to help relieve the pain that is associated with this kind of arthritis and it is also sometimes given to dogs that undergo any kind of surgery on their bones, joints or teeth. It is also sometimes given in cases of hip dysplasia. In chronic cases of arthritis, this is a once a day treatment that can be given to your dog, but you will need a prescription from your vet. The medicine is available in beef flavored tablets to help make it easier to get your dog to take their medicine.

By being an effective means by which to eliminate pain and swelling, Deramaxx is effective against degenerative arthritis that can often last for the duration of a dog's life. By talking with your dog's vet to determine the effective dose needed, you can use this medicine to help improve your dog's quality of life on a daily basis after they have been diagnosed with arthritis.

Due to the specific enzyme that Deramaxx is designed to help inhibit, it acts differently than other medications designed for similar purposes. Those other medications will sometimes interfere with other normal bodily functions because of the enzyme that they are acting on. This is why some vets and dog owners prefer Deramaxx over competing products.

It is important to recognize that by using this type of medication to help eliminate pain from your dog's life, you are helping them to be able to function more normally. Inflammation can lead to fever in the body and weaken your dog's ability to to handle other situations that they may encounter in their daily life.

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