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Pet anxiety is more common than you might think. Pets can experience stress and anxiety, just like people can. A common form of pet anxiety is pet separation anxiety. This is caused by the departure of their owner and is similar to the stress a baby feels when taken away from their mother or the anxiety that occurs when you take your small child to daycare for the first time. Your pet experiences fear and anxiety about being left alone. Unfortunately, our pets cannot communicate in a way that we understand. They often exhibit strange behaviors that can wreak havoc on your home and belongings or even damage your pet himself. Pet separation anxiety can manifest itself as chewing, digging, tearing up your favorite shoe or peeing on everything around them. Some pets even become depressed and lethargic. If any of these behaviors sound familiar and occur most often when you are not home, they may be linked to anxiety in pets, rather than a rebellious streak.

There are a few things you can do to try and relieve anxiety in pets. You can create a safe space or “home” for your pet. Your pet may find comfort in a crate or confined space. Whether or not this is the case, make your pet's personal space as comfortable as you can. Provide bedding, a pillow or a comforting toy. You can even include items that may smell like you, like an old item of clothing. Another way to relieve anxiety in pets is to utilize the many toys on the market that are designed to keep your pet occupied. Try a few and see which one your pet responds to. Finally, if needed, consult your veterinarian about the kinds of drugs on the market designed to alleviate pet anxiety and pet separation anxiety.

Anxiety Relief Medicine For Pets

Anxiety is common in pets, just as in humans, and is actually quite a bit more common than many people believe. When pets suffer from anxiety, it can come from a number of causes. The most common is pet separation anxiety which is similar to what we see in babies, children and even adults when they are separated from a loved one or their social group. In dogs and cats this can lead to depression, but it can also lead to destructive behavior where they act out. Cats can scratch up furniture or get themselves into other forms of trouble. Dogs will tend to bark incessantly, dig and scratch or chew on things that belong to you. Both types of pets also sometimes resort to inappropriate urination or defecation that they would not typically be prone to. Some animals even shake or quiver uncontrollably.

Some common causes of anxiety in pets are the arrival of a new baby or member of the household, including a new pet. Loud noises can cause anxiety, especially in situations such as your home undergoing remodeling or other alterations. Car rides and similar unfamiliar situations can also induce anxiety, as can being in crowds of people.

Pet anxiety medicines are intended to help you treat your pet for stress that can be caused by separation from you and your family, but it is important to have your vet determine that there are no other treatable medical conditions affecting your pet before you turn to this kind of medicine. Symptoms can sometimes be difficult to diagnose and this is why you should have your vet's advice.

In many cases, anxiety medicine for cats and dogs is only needed as a temporary solution to help them be able to get through a difficult period. Used in conjunction with training new coping skills, this can be a very powerful remedy for behavior problems.

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