Discount Cosequin DS for Dogs, Cats, Horses

Cosequin is a nutritional supplement that is recommended by thousands of veterinarians to help maintain healthy bone & joints in dogs, cats, and horses. As your animal ages, it is very common that their joints become less flexible and their mobility and quality of life decreases. Cosequin has been scientifically proven to help prevent rapid flexibility and mobility loss in joints of dogs, cats, and horses. Cosequin products include:

  • Cosequin DS double strength capsules are available in 90 and 120 count sizes.

  • Cosequin regular strength capsules for small dogs and cats are available in 90 and 180 count sizes.

  • Cosequin chewable tablets are available in 40, 120, and 250 count sizes.

  • Cosequin Equine Powder is available in 1400, 700 and 280 gram bottles


Cosequin Joint Health Supplement For Dogs, Cats And Horses

Joint health is a very important part of life for dogs, cats and horses, too. Cosequin is a natural supplement made by Nutramax that is intended to promote healthy joints in these animals. Nutramax is the number 1 brand of natural pet supplement recommended by veterinarians today. Cosequin is not a prescription drug so there are none of the potential side effects that can accompany chemical based drugs.

Cosequin works by helping to hydrate joints, encouraging the body to produce the molecules that enable water to bond and secure water to the cartilage. It also helps to resist compression and alleviate stress and strain on the bones. Just as it does in humans, healthy cartilage helps to protect the joints when your pet or horse is in motion. Both glucosamine and chondroitin, the same ingredients consumed by humans trying to promote their own joint health in a natural way, are found in Cosequin medicines. This means that your dog, cat or horse will be taking the same type of supplement that you yourself would take to promote healthy joints.

This medicine is available in capsule format for cats and dogs, chewable tablets for dogs and a powder designed for consumption by horses. There is also Cosequin DS which is double strength and available only in capsules.

As your dog, cat or horse ages, they will sometimes develop joint issues that can affect the range of motion in their joints. This can lead to decreased mobility and flexibility, in addition to pain. With Cosequin you have a way to help them regain lost function and encourage them to thrive. This is an important natural way that you can address a very common condition that animals and humans alike can often face. This product has been scientifically tested and shown to prevent loss of flexibility.

More Product Information:

Brand Name(s)

Cosequin DS, Cosequin EQ (Nutramax)

Active Ingredient(s)
Glucosamine (500mg), Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate (400mg), Ascorbate (33mg), Manganese (5mg).

What is this product used for
Cosequin DS is a nutritional supplement to help dogs maintain healthy joints. Cosequin DS is an exclusive formula to support and maintain the health of the dog’s joints.

Cosequin DS is a non-prescription (OTC) product available as sprinkle capsules.

How this product should be used
The usual starting dose for the first 4 to 6 weeks for dogs 10-24 lbs is 1 capsule daily, for dogs 25-49 lbs is 1 capsule twice a day, for dogs 50-100 lbs give 2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening, and for dogs over 100 lbs give 2 capsules twice a day, After 4 to 6 weeks, the dose can be reduced gradually (1/2 to 1 capsule per month) until a maintenance dose, one-half the starting dose, is reached

What are the side effects
Side effects are rare but may include diarrhea.

What special precautions are there
This product is not intended to be used in place of other treatments in the presence of an infection or if surgery is needed.

In the event of overdose
Overdose is not likely but may result in diarrhea.

How should I store this product
Store the container in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Keep lid tightly closed. Keep out of the reach of children.