Pet Bandages, Wraps, and Tapes

Pet bandages are needed for a variety of situations that your dog or cat might find themselves in during some point in their life. Pet bandages can be bought at medical supplies stores or pet supply stores. It is better to buy them online though, because sometimes you need a very specific type of bandage for a specific purpose. 3m Products makes pet bandages and wraps that are commonly used for injured pets such as in the case of dog leg injury, cuts, sprains, or after surgery. 3m Vetwrap is probably their most popular product for use on dogs and cats, and pets in general. There are various types of colored bandages and bandages with self-adhesive dressing as well.

PetFlex 4" x 5 yds.

Price: 2.39

3M Vetrap 2" x 5 yd

Price: 2.49

3M Vetrap 4" x 5 yd

Price: 2.49

Betadine Solution (16 oz)

Price: 12.99

AluSpray Aerosol Bandage aids (75gm)

Price: 14.99

Zonas Porous Tape (4, 3 in x 10 yds)

Price: 19.99

Kendall Conform Stretch Bandages (3 in x 75 in)

Price: 8.99

Zonas Porous Tape (12, 1 in x 10 yds)

Price: 19.99

Veterinus Derma Gel Spray 50ml (1.7 fl.oz)

Price: 13.99

Veterinus Derma Gel 100ml (3.4 fl.oz)

Price: 22.99

Meridian Surgi-Lock 2oc Instant Tissue Adhesive

Price: 39.99

NEW! Meridian Epi-Heal Quick Healing Liquid Bandage

Price: 26.99

Dermacea 12 Ply Gauze Sponges - 200 Sponges (2" x 2")

Price: 2.99

Dermacea 12 Ply Gauze Sponges - 200 Sponges (4" x 4")

Price: 8.99

Priority Care Non-Spermicidal Sterile Lubricating Jelly (5 oz)

Price: 3.99

3m Pet Bandages And Other Options

Some of the main things you should look for in pet bandages are that they are non-irritating and non-toxic to animals. Pets will almost certainly be licking, biting, or otherwise tampering with the bandages if they can reach them. For your pet's protection you want to make sure your gauze wrap, medication wrap, or bandages are specifically made for animals or approved for use on animals. They must be applied properly as well. A bad wrap is likely to fall off if not done right. Make sure you have bandage scissors so you can make clean cuts and seal them properly. You may have to put your dog or cat on indoor control for a while until the wound heals or is stabilized. You might want to try anti-lick strips if you have a pet that wont leave the bandages alone. Use some stretch gauze wrap and apply the anti-lick strips over it. When you yourself are attending the affected area make sure to wear natural rubber latex gloves.

Where to Buy Pet Bandages

Most of the products mentioned here are available from the larger pet supply stores, and you might even be able to find some in your medicine cabinet. Wal-Mart and also have a lot of basic supplies if you can't find them at the pet supply stores. Other tools that may be needed with pet bandages could be mosquito hemostat forceps, blunt nose hemostat, hemostat & scissors, and maybe some bramton simple solution products. Whatever pet bandages you need, your best bet is finding them online.