Heartgard No Prescription? Can You Buy Heartguard Without A Prescription?

Heartgard No Prescription? Recently quite a few customers have asked me if it’s possible to get Heartgard without a prescription. I was almost sure it was not possible, at least according to the suppliers that I know, but I decided to look into it anyway because it’s always best to verify things for yourself, right? Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the answer I found.

Getting Heartguard without a prescription would save you a significant amount of money if you didn’t have to make an appointment with the vet every time your pet’s prescription expires. Most pet owners who buy Heartgard already have their pet on a monthly regimen, and have for a significant amount of time. Why should they pay the vet for something they already know will be approved?

Getting back to the point, if you buy your pet meds from a supplier in the United States it is not possible to get Heartguard without a prescription. However, the good news is that you can get Heartgard no prescription from Canada and have it shipped directly to your door in the good ol’ USA. Among the numerous benefits of buying Hartguard from Canada, the price is lower too! Not only will you save money by not having make an appointment with your veterinarian, but you will pay less for the actual product.

So now you know that you can get Heartgard no prescription, but where exactly can you get it? I have done the research for you and personally bought pet meds from a Canadian supplier that I will recommend to my readers because I know they deliver the goods. The company is called Pet Care Choice. You can find them at http://petcarechoice.com or go directly to the page where you can get Heartguard without a prescription.

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