Dog Arthritis Acting Up? – Cosequin DS Can Give Relief

Cosequin DS For DogsFew things in life are as painful as seeing your healthy and happy pet slowly turn into a sad, lethargic dog that whines after every step and is incapable of enjoying the activities he used to love. Sadly, this is a far too common experience for many dog owners since dog arthritis, a condition characterized by painful inflammation of joints, is very common in geriatric dogs, or pets that have been excessively active or suffered bone injuries . This is worsened by the fact that dogs cannot verbally communicate the degree and extent of the pain they experience every day due to the loss of cartilage responsible for flexible joints. Fortunately Cosequin DS, with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, provides an excellent formula to relieve joint pain in dogs, repair cartilage and support healthy joints, restoring your dog’s mobility.

The special ingredients in this unique formula provided by Cosequin, – glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate and manganese ascorbate – have been scientifically proven to support and maintain healthy joints, it repairs damaged cartilage and stops cartilage destruction, thus preventing further injury. Clinical studies have demonstrated that although glucosamine and chondroitin are always beneficial to arthritis, it is the specific combination of these three ingredients in Cosequin’s exclusive formula that delivers the best results. Because of this, Cosequin DS is the leading brand and most trusted pet medication to treat dog arthritis, recommended by veterinarians and approved by pet owners .

How does Cosequin DS work? Glucosamine is a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body and is responsible for cartilage health. Because of repeated injuries, old age or physical activity, the amount of cartilage produced cannot replace the amount spent in activity, which results in dog arthritis. Cosequin DS is charged with high purity glucosamine to refill your dog’s unstable system and aids it to heal joints and repair damaged joints. This means less pain, and less injuries, it relieves stiffness, and helps your dog regain flexibility. A powerful antioxidant mineral, manganese ascorbate is included to enhance the benefits of glucosamine and potentiate the production of cartilage. Essential to this fight is chondroitin sulfate, a nutrient that blocks the enzymes that cause cartilage break down. Cosequin supplies low molecular weight chondroitin, which is more easily absorbed by your pet´s body, allowing it to properly benefit itself from it’s nutrients. All of these nutritional supplements heal and protect your dog´s system.

How can you tell Cosequin is benefiting your dog? First, observe your dog and take note of the symptoms of arthritis and other joint problems such as limping, stiffness, unusual barking or growling, moves away when picked up or touched, increasing lack of interest in running, jumping, playing games, or even taking a daily walk, difficulty climbing stairs, difficulty when sitting or lying down or when shifting position, a significant reduction in energy levels to the extreme of remaining hidden to avoid daily activities that they previously enjoyed. After about three to four weeks of administering Cosequin DS regularly, you should see a gradual and continuous improvement in all of the symptoms mentioned above, your dog will have more energy, his mood will improve, he will once again participate and engage in physical activities. Thanks to Cosequin, your pet will experience arthritis pain relief, increased flexibility and a better quality of life. Cosequin DS offers the best pet med treatment for dog arthritis.

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